Thursday 21 June 2012

New SGS publications and classes

Thanks to Ken Nisbet of the Scottish Genealogy Society for the following update:

New publications:
Transcribed by Mr Russell W Cockburn from the Kirk Session minutes held at the National Records of Scotland, the Scottish Genealogy Society has just published four volumes on the non-conformist churches in Dalkeith:

Dalkeith Free Church Baptisms from 1843-1854 & Marriages for 1848 £3.50
This church came into being at the time of the Disruption in 1843

St Nicholas Church, Dalkeith - Testimonials 1764-1789 - £1.50
This church was founded in 1406 as a collegiate church dedicated to St Nicholas

Associate Congregational Church, Back Street, Dalkeith: Baptisms from 1755 to 1809 - £3.50

The Burgher Congregation Church, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith - Baptisms from 1747 to 1763 - £1.50
(a praying society, which had existed from the time of the Covenanters in the village of Easthouses in the parish of Newbattle, two miles south-east of Dalkeith)

The information contained in these publications is a great boon to anyone researching their family history in Dalkeith and the surrounding areas as the baptisms and marriages do not appear in the usual Church of Scotland birth & marriage records.

Testimonials were required when moving from one parish to another, so that the receiving parish knew where the incomer came from, if he was of a suitable character, if he was eligible to receive communion, and unlikely to be a burden on the parish poor fund. This information is particularly useful in helping to track people's whereabouts both before and in-between the censuses.

As usual, these publications are all available from our Family History Centre, 15 Victoria Terrace in Edinburgh - tel: 0131 220 3677 or visit our website:

Family History Classes
The Society will be holding a class on censuses: "What the Census Tells Us". This will take place at our Family History Centre at 15 Victoria Terrace in Edinburgh, on Saturday, 14 July from 10am-12.00pm and will cost £10. Space is limited so booking is essential. If you, or anyone you know might be interested in this class, please give us a call: 0131 220 3677 or e-mail:


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