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Additions to The Original Record

Added to The Original Record (

Subscribers to Zoonomia
'Popular Lectures on Zoonomia, or The Laws of Animal Life, in Health and Disease' by Thomas Garnett, M.D., Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London; of the Royal Irish Academy; of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh; Honorary Member of the Board of Agriculture; Fellow of the Linnean Society; Member of the Medical Society, London; and of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester, formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry in the Royal Institution of Great Britain, was published in London, from the press of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, in 1804, for the benefit of the author's children by his executors.

White Poor in Antigua
The vestries of the parishes of Antigua raised a tax every year, under an Act of the island, for the maintenance of ministers and the poor; there were no poor rates. A tax was also assessed on merchandizes imported and sold within the island, the property of non-resident traders, in relief of the burdens of the parishes. The maintenance of the poor was weekly distributed to them; there were no free coloured or black paupers provided for by the parishes. The free coloured or free black were not taxed for the support of the poor; slaves were supported by their owners. This return of the white poor supported by the parishes was made to the Colonial Department: it gives full name, age, residence, and amounts disbursed, year by year.

British Inhabitants of Bengal
List of British inhabitants of Calcutta and the upper provinces of Bengal, excluding government and army personnel, clergy &c. Full names are generally given, surname first, in italics, with profession and/or address.

Australian Intestates
The probate courts of the Australian colonies furnished returns of estates of deceased intestates, giving full name, colonial residence, supposed British or foreign residence of family (often unknown, or left blank), amount of the estate and how much had been disbursed and how. The date of death is often stated, and if by accident, suicide or crime. Names were carried forward from return to return until the estate was expended or exhausted. New South Wales 1841 to 1862; District of Port Phillip, becoming Victoria 1841 to 1865; South Australia 1849 to 1856; Western Australia 1848 to 1860. There are also returns for Mauritius 1850 to 1855; New Zealand 1850 to 1853; and Van Diemen's Land 1850.

Unclaimed Money and Property
Gun & Co. of 6 Prince of Wales' Road, London, in about 1870 published this fifth 'List of Next of Kin & Heirs, &c., who have been Advertised for in the English, Irish, Scotch, United States of America, Canadian, Australian, East and West Indian, and other Newspapers, since 1704. Money & Property to the value of many Millions Sterling want Claimants'. The list of 4,128 names gives surname, christian name, and, occasionally, other information. Copies of the actual advertisements were furnished to enquirers by the company at a cost of six shillings.

Imperial Bank Shareholders
Copy of the return by the Imperial Bank Ltd to the Inland Revenue listing the 'persons of whom the Company or partnership consists', pursuant to 7 & 8 Vic. cap. 32: giving full name (surname first), residence and occupation.

Naval Officers
The alphabetical list of officers on the Active List of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines (RM) and of the Retired and Emergency Officers serving gives: number of ship or where otherwise serving; name (surname, first christian name and initials); rank; and the dates of their seniority. This is the list from the March 1920 edition of the Navy List, corrected to 18 February 1920.

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