Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More on PRONI's Valuation Revision Books

Just a quick update - I've been in touch with PRONI to ask about the content still to go online in the Valuation Revision Books (see http://britishgenes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/preview-pronis-valuation-revision-books.html for news on the release earlier). Forty four books have still to be added, the reference numbers being as follows:

VAL/12/B/1/12A   Electoral Division of Coggrey 1923-1929
VAL/12/B/1/14A-F   Electoral Division of Craigarogan 1864-1929
VAL/12/B/1/25C-F   Electoral Division of Rashee 1881-1929
VAL/12/B/3/1A-C   Electoral Division of Ahoghill 1865-1900
VAL/12/B/3/5L-T   Electoral Division of Ballymena 1896-1931
VAL/12/B/4/3D-G   Electoral Division of Ballymoney 1884-1930
VAL/12/B/4/17C   Electoral Division of Killoquin Upper 1884-1897
VAL/12/B/4/18A-E   Electoral Division of Kilraghts 1864-1929
VAL/12/B/4/19A   Electoral Division of Kirkmoyle, Ballymoney 1923-1929
VAL/12/B/7/3C   Missing from series (Ballynure)
VAL/12/B/8/7C   Missing from series (Lambeg)
VAL/12/B/25/7C   Missing from series (Magheraveely)
VAL/12/B/26/25D-E   Electoral Division of Imeroo 1890-1923
VAL/12/B/38/8A   Missing (Caledon)
VAL/12/B42/19C   ?
VAL/12/B/43/H/4   Electoral Division of Duncairn Vol 3 1906-1915
VAL/12/B/44/4A-C   ?

The Search Hunt and Tips page for the collection will carry the full metatdata for these shortly. I was interested to note that an early book for Caledon is missing - potentially the homeland where my Graham lot came from before moving to Belfast.

I asked also about the possibility of name indexing - as FamilySearch was involved in their digitisation, it is possible that they may be indexed in due course, but there's been no decision on that as yet.

(With thanks to Janet Hancock)


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