Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ulster Historical Foundation - St Paddy's Day records offer

The Ulster Historical Foundation ( has announced the following discount for the week following St Paddy's Day, as well as some new Catholic records for Belfast:

Irish Genealogy Records - Special Offer and St. Joseph's Records online

For eight days, including the holiday weekend, we have decided to reduce substantially the cost of accessing individual records, by 50% for Guild members and 25% for non-members. This marvellous offer will only run from Sunday 17th March to Sunday 24th March, (inclusive), so we do hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new tranche of important records to our website. The baptismal records of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Belfast from 1899 to 1929 are now available on; adding over 3300 more entries to our existing database of more than 2 million genealogical records. Many of these baptismal entries also include details of the individual's later marriage.

The Foundation has also mentioned in its newsletter that a new series has just started on BBC Northern Ireland, which may be of interest to viewers in Ireland and Scotland. An Independent People is a 3 part series on the history of Ulster's Presbyterian community - part 1 has already been shown on Sunday 10th, but can be found on the BBC iPlayer for a limited period ( - for viewers in the UK only.)

The link to an online version of the newsletter from the email currently does not work, but if it becomes active I will add it in due course.

(With thanks to the UHF)


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