Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Irish marriage records now back to 1913 at local registration offices

Thanks to Civil Registration ‏@civilreg_irl for the following tweet:

Our computerised Marriage Records are now available back to 1913 from any of our offices, nice bit of work went into that I bet!

Essentially this means that the provision of Irish marriage records has now been extended back from 1920 to the earlier year of 1913 if you order a digital copy from a local registration office in the Republic of Ireland (I assume also from the HSE website at www.hse.ie/eng/services/find_a_service/bdm/certificates_ie). This will be useful for all Ireland marriages from 1913-1921, and for the Republic only from 1922 onwards. Birth records are still available through the same service from 1864 (north up to 1921 only), and death records from 1924 (Republic only).

However, you would be crazy to order from this site or from local registration offices for genealogical research, unless you are wary of sending your credit card details by fax or post to the GRO in Roscommon (www.groireland.ie). The HSE and local offices charge 20 Euros each (plus postage) - the same entries are just 4 Euros each from the Irish GRO in a photocopied extract format.


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