Friday, 15 March 2013

Free access to Irish directories on Origins

I've just picked up from Family Tree magazine's Twitter feed that the Origins Network ( is providing access for free to its Irish Directories collections, from March 16th-18th, as a St Paddy's Day promotion. I've also noticed on the site that its Dublin directories collection has been extended now from 1845-1900 - this collection is going to continue in due course up to 1990, so a seriously major resource for Irish research.

To access the collections you will need to register with the Origins Network site, and then look for them in the Irish Origins section of the website. Have fun!

UPDATE: Official announcement

Try FREE access to the largest online collection of Irish Directories until 18 March 2013!

Now available: Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for 1845 - 1900

Directories are an excellent resource, supplying information not readily available elsewhere; they are often the only source that actually states someone’s exact occupation. A will may describe them as a merchant, whereas the directory will identify them as an ironmonger, grocer or wine merchant etc. Precise address and parish of residence are also commonly given. The only classes absent from these directories are the most disadvantaged: small tenant-farmers, landless labourers and servants.

Giving you an insight into life in Ireland in past times, these Irish directories contain a tremendous amount of information regarding the local day-to-day activities and services for those residing in the Emerald Isles. Included are postal and coach times, lists of local government and church officers, festivals and fairs, state of the weather, rising and setting of the sun, time of high-water, the highways between the towns of Ireland.

More information and details of available directories

Simply Register or Login to search records and uncover some of your family’s hidden gems.

(With thanks to @familytreemaguk and Jane Hewitt at Origins)


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