Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New British Military Lists page on NLS website

I've often gone on about how brilliant the National Library of Scotland offerings are on the Internet Archive. Lots of the content, digitised by the Internet Archive, is also available on the NLS, most notably the Post Office Directories, although the NLS has fewer editions on its site than the Internet Archive does.

However, another major page to go live today is British Military Lists at http://digital.nls.uk/british-military-lists/pageturner.cfm?id=97343435. This holds the following, all accessible free of charge:

Army Lists
1913-1919 - Quarterly army list for the quarter ending
1938-1941 - Half-yearly army list for the half-year ending
1940-1946 - Quarterly army list

Navy Lists
1913-1914, 1918-1920, 1939-1940 - Monthly
1913-1921, 1944-1945 - Quarterly
1940-1944 - Bimonthly

Air Force lists
1919 - Monthly Air Force list
1938-1945 - Air Force list

I've just had a play, and the site is a little sluggish just now. It follows the similar style of presentation as the NLS's Post Office Directories site, which I'm not too fond of, so if you prefer to access the Internet Archive version, visit http://archive.org/details/nationallibraryofscotland.

(With thanks to Hazel Stewart at the NLS)

UPDATE: I've just been informed the site may be taken down again temporarily, possibly to the end of the week, to correct one or two glitches - if so it should be back shortly.

UPDATE - back up again! And a more direct link - via www.nls.uk/family-history/military-lists


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