Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Irish newspapers based site from Ancestry

Ancestry ( has just launched a new Irish newspapers platform called ( which hosts the same content available on the Irish Newspaper Archive website (, but with a much better search interface, according to the US based Family Tree magazine (

As I write this, I am in Portugal and when I try to access the new site a message pops up telling me that I am unable to access it as it is not available in my area, and I must instead visit the Irish based parent site, and so I am unable to confirm at present if it is available in the UK.

(With thanks to the US based Family Tree magazine site)

UPDATE: Appears to be US access only at present.


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  1. No - not a/v in the UK. Thought it was too good to be true - obviously they don't want any revenue extraction in the UK.

  2. Looks like USA only Chris. Have gone to site on my phone in Scotland. Got same page that you saw and message saying same info was available for my location on Irish Newspaper Archive site.
    Hope all is going well in Portugal. Best regards to everyone. One day I'll make it to the conference.
    Haste ye back!

  3. It doesn't see to be. I've just tried it from the UK and I got the same message you did.

  4. Thanks all - probably too good to be true! But hopefully coming our way at some stage in the future