Sunday, 19 April 2015

Date change for WDYTYA Live 2016

The dates for next year's Who Do You Think You Are? Live event have been changed only days after they were first announced. In a newsletter posted out a few days ago the organisers had announced the event would be held on April 28th-30th 2016, but during the event a new set of dates have been confirmed now as April 7th-9th 2016. Thanks to Else Churchill from the Society of Genealogists for the following explanation on the change:

At @WDYTYALIVE NEC came up with good deal for 2-3 years but can only offer 1st weekend of April as regular gig

So apologies for passing on the original dates, I was acting on good faith! But more importantly it looks like Birmingham now has the WDYTYA Live gig beyond 2016, and THAT is by far the better news - a much better venue! I'll blog a report later (when I wake up properly - what a 3 days!), but just to end... where's London again?!

(With thanks to Dick Eastman and Else Churchill)


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  1. Thanks for this Chris. Great that it will remain in Brum for the foreseeable future. Yes I'm not awake properly yet either and my voice is not back yet. We genies tend to spend our time researching in quiet archives or at home on the internet so it is lovely to meet with others who share our interests and to attend talks on useful subjects all in one place. There is always something new to learn isn't there and it may be just as easily from talking over lunch to someone from one of the many family history societies as from a formal talk.

    I'm off now to take the vitamin C!

  2. London? It's the centre of the universe - unless you live in the real world :) ie north of Watford.

  3. Largs is the centre of the universe. Our genius has been in not revealing that to the world yet! :)