Friday, 24 April 2015

National Records of Scotland catalogue back up

After four weeks of being offline, the National Records of Scotland catalogue is now back up at Other services such as SCAN ( also appear to be back up.

And about time too.


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  1. NRS Indexes might be back up in UK, but the NRSOnlineCatalog page is still timing out - I'm currently in US.
    Jean Mackenzie

  2. Did they tweet that the service is back up? The news story on the website still says the services are down, they must really be giving it their top priority!

    I guess if the websites don't make money then the abysmal downtime of the past month is just a taste of the service to come when the archives are shunted out of the city centre.


  3. Possibly worth pointing out that this downtime happened whilst based in the city centre. As it currently eists, NRS is archaic and falling way behind its UK counterparts. New premises and approach are sorely needed (in my humble view!).