Wednesday, 20 January 2016

FindmyPast's 1939 register subscription access in February

This is interesting. I think it's fair to say that FindmyPast ( has had something of a rough ride with its recent launch of the 1939 National identity Register for England and Wales, a Second World War census substitute (there was no 1941 census due to the war). A lot of regular users were furious that it was not part of a regular subscription when launched and that so much of it was redacted, including records that were previously accessible from the NHSIC which previously held it, something I have experienced myself.

Well now FindmyPast is planning to add it to its regular subscriptions:

We're pleased to let you know that as a valued member of Findmypast from the 16th February 2016, we're giving you unlimited access to our premium record set, the 1939 Register. This is only available at Findmypast, so you'll soon be able to discover names, addresses and occupations of your family in England and Wales on the eve of the Second World War.


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