Friday, 29 January 2016

Your Family Tree magazine to become Your Family History

Your Family Tree magazine (, one of the three key monthly genealogy magazines available on the British market is about to be rebranded as Your Family History from the next edition.

The overseas edition of YFT has always been known as Your Family History, for various reasons to do with copyright when it was first launched overseas (Canada, Australia, etc). Under the new management the decision has now been taken to brand all editions around the world under the one title, Your Family History.

Previously there was another magazine called Your Family History in the UK, edited by Laura Berry and Nick Barratt, but it ceased publication a couple of years ago - so it is not a relaunch of that title! It literally is just Your Family Tree with a name change, so the same magazine, with the same layout and design, and the same range of useful features.

The latest issue (Feb 2016) features a range or articles, including one from yours truly on how to locate Overseas British BMDs. Other articles look at film archives, research in Swansea, the battle of Verdun, canal workers, and more. For more information visit


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