Monday, 4 February 2019

ScotlandsPeople computer issue at Glasgow genealogy centre

I have just returned from a day's research in Glasgow at the genealogy centre in the Mitchell Library (, and whilst I was successful in my research objectives, it was again despite some serious issues with the current ScotlandsPeople computer system access at the facility.

On a previous visit last week I was deeply frustrated by the centre's computers constantly playing up, they being very glitchy, slow, and at times returning returning search results displaying no images available. The staff were very helpful, but apart from a brief respite in the afternoon, it was a tortuous affair. I bumped into a genealogist friend at the centre today who advised me that this problem has in fact been ongoing since December.

Having also visted the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Edinburgh last week, I experienced no problems at all with the same system there. My understanding is that the problem in Glasgow may be something to do with a new IT contract at the Mitchell Library, but whatever the reason is, it seriously needs to be addressed. I was invited to leave feedback last week about the problems, but assuming it may have been an issue on that day alone, I elected not to - I had no such reservations today, and have asked for feedback as to why this situation is happening. As soon as I receive a response I will post it here.

In the meantime, if you are planning to carry out research using the ScotlandsPeople system in Glasgow, I can advise that it is workable, but you will need to constantly refresh the pages as you are searching. I will be heading back later in the week, but do note that there are several other centres offering access to the same system, in Edinburgh ( and in Kilmarnock, Hawick, Inverness, Alloa (see

Here's hoping for a quick resolution.


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