Wednesday 19 September 2012

Ancestry adds Irish collections

Two new collections from Ancestry ( - Ireland, Newspapers, 1763-1890, and Ireland, Thom's Directory, 1904.

The first collection, available at, contains details from thirty two different newspapers, though coverage is extremely patchy for some of them. There's no useful breakdown of this on the site, or any real clue as to the source where they were obtained from, so I have pulled the following list together of what is available with coverage:

Cork Mercantile Chronicle (1802-1818)
Northern Star (1792-1797)
Notes from Ireland (1886-1890)
The Belfast Mercury (1783-1786)
The Belfast Evening Post (1786-1787)
The Cork General Advertiser (1777)
The Dublin Builder (1859-1866)
The Dublin Evening Mail (1855)
The Dublin Penny Journal (1832-1836)
The Freeman's Journal (1763-1777; 1785-1786; 1808-1814; 1816-1818; 1843-1845; 1847; 1854-1862; 1864-1866; 1871-1873; 1875-1877; 1880-1882)
The Hibernian Chronicle (1769-1802; missing 1789-1791)
The Irish Builder (1867-1890)
The Irish Felon (1848)
The Irish People (1863-1867)
The Irish Times (1864; 1866; 1868; 1870-1872; 1877; 1886-1887; 1889)
The Irishman (1819-1825)
The Leinster Journal (1800-1808; 1818-1824; 1827-1828)
The Londonderry Journal (1785)
The Meath People (1857-1863)
The Morning News (1882-1887)
The Nation (1850-1852)
The Nationalist (1886-1887; 1890)
The Northern Star (1792-1793)
The Roscommon Constitutionalist (1889-1890)
The Tralee Chronicle (1870; 1875)
The United Irishman (1848)
The Waterford Chronicle (1777)
The Waterford Herald (1792-1793)
The Waterford Mirror (1801-1827)
The Waterford News (1848-1890)

Like the newspapers, the 1904 Thom's Directory is browsable only at From the site:

About Ireland, Thom's Directory, 1904

Alexander Thom published the first Thom’s Irish Almanac and Official Directory in 1844. By time the 1904 edition digitized for this database came around, the publication had grown to include a Dublin street directory; names, addresses, and occupations for residents of other towns and districts in the country as well; and a wide variety of happenings, institutions, businesses, and departments for Ireland and the UK, including the following:
  • county fairs and markets in Ireland
  • Parliamentary directory
  • civil service and law directory for Great Britain
  • navy, army, and militia directory
  • colonial directory
  • universities, colleges, schools
  • churches and ecclesiastical directory
  • county and borough directories
  • postal directory
  • peerage

The directory also includes a map of Dublin and a calendar for 1904.


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