Wednesday 19 September 2012

Forces War Records updates site

From Forces War Records (

Have you seen the new search facility on Forces War Records? You can now search by service number, specific years, nationality and type of service. You can also filter based on whether the person died in active service, were issued a gallantry award, or mentioned in despatches.

All this makes it a lot easier to find the person you are looking for. It's easy to use too, just perform a search as usual, and then add whatever filters you would like.

Search now

What type of data do we hold?
  • Over 4.5 Million Records
  • Service Records
  • Regimental or Unit served in data
  • Battles Information
  • Medals Received
  • Access to living veterans
  • Military Genealogy Tutorials
  • Genealogy Community Access

And lots more besides!


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  1. I tried this site and on some records they have little more than cwgc but they do have collections Ive not seen anywhere else as well. So if its military records youre after, I would happily recommend this site.

  2. Hi Guys, we're happy to say that all feedback is received with good grace.

    I have redesigned a sources and collections page akin to other leading sites which will be launched very soon.
    Hopefully (if it remains unchanged by the technical team!)ormation within that set and the number of individual names within that also, along with all important original source info.
    Hopefully this will go a long way to allowing searchers to be assured this is a professional site and more importantly it's a site that listens and takes action when constructive feedback is given.