Wednesday 26 September 2012

Who writes this crap?

Seriously - the wording of FindmyPast US's latest press release:

Are you related to the Queen?

Having dreams of carriage rides, crown jewels or dining with heads of state? Do you yearn for noblesse oblige, waving to crowds, or having three unflinchingly rigid tea times per day?

According to genealogical research, millions of Americans are directly related to the English royal family and have no idea. Simple facts about your family background can easily predict the odds that you are related to the Queen herself.

Take our short seven question quiz, Are You Related to the Queen?, on the findmypast US Facebook page and find out your chances for royal lineage.

Who knows, you might be invited to the next garden party or Royal Variety Performance.

Maybe it's because I'm a dyed in the wool republican (you know - like Americans!), but I strongly suspect that if you do find a simply whizzer blue-blooded connection to old Blighty's finest via an online record set, the Queen is not going to bring you along to Buck House for champagne and strawberries, or take you to the Royal Variety Performance. Call me old fashioned, but honest, I really, really doubt it.

Who writes this crap? What next - free corgi with every subscription?



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New book: It's Perthshire 1866 - there's been a murder... (from June 12th 2012)


  1. "awful cliches in marketing" indeed! Well, someone must have thought it was worth the $/energy designing this advertisement. Sigh.

  2. I had to choose one of the TV shows in order to continue, even though I don't watch any of them. i'd heard of Monty Python so checked that.

    They didn't even list football as a favorite sport...

    Did you notice that the email spelled it "royality"?

  3. They possibly confused it with the word "royalties", which they think ads like this generate! lol :)

  4. The quiz is hilarious you have to LIKE but I unliked after. I scored 30/100 and was advised I could have Royal blood and should subscribe....
    I've heard it said that large numbers of people living in England (all UK?) are descended from Henry II or some other royal of that time frame. With the maths of one's ancestors versus the small population back then I suppose blood spreads around. BUT to actually determine the link on paper well it does happen. My paternal line are farmers in Somerset and my maternal is wilds of Northants... no hope so far

  5. Saw that rubbish and deleted ... I will never know what the rest of the email contained... how sad.