Friday 28 September 2012

PRONI: Urban History lecture series

From PRONI (

Starting in October, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will begin hosting a lecture series entitled Exploring Urban History in Ulster. The lecture series will run until March 2013 and has been developed by Open University Ireland and PRONI.

The series is comprised of 5 lectures to be given at 6:30pm during the Thursday late night openings at PRONI's new building in the Titanic Quarter.

25 October 2012
400 Years of Urban History
Janice Holmes

6 December 2012
Creating an Urban Environment: 1612-13
Brian Gurrin

31 January 2013
Law, Order and Violence
Barry Sheehan

28 February 2013
The Poor Law and Public Health
Olwyn Purdue

21 March 2013
Urban Landscape –
Round Table panel

WHEN: October 2012 - March 2013. Thursday late night openings 6:30pm


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