Wednesday 26 September 2012

William Roache's WDYTYA episode - review

A quick review of tonight's episode of Who Do You Think You Are, featuring actor William Roache from Coronation Street - spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it yet!

It was really mind-numbingly dull.

Essentially we got to see an interesting photograph collection at the start, a trip to Alton Towers where his gran once ran a restaurant, a street corner in Blackpool where his great great grandfather once worked at electrocuting people for medical reasons, another street corner with something else I completely missed as I was drifting at that point, and then a quick mystery at the end about his gran and her two sisters not being raised together. A fleeting mention of the Married Women's Property Act was about as far as it went in terms of bringing something new to the party in the series.

This was definitely the episode that was buried in the middle of the run for a reason - a real pity, because the last few weeks have produced a cracking run of episodes.

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. I quite liked it - oh well, life would be boring if we all liked the same thing.

    But what annoys me in this series is how you can see the joins in the genealogical research. The subject goes to a perfectly sensible discussion with (say) a local / social / industrial / whatever historian, who tells them all about the topic that they genuinely know about - and then they pull out a print of a census or a copy of a certificate that you just know has been planted on them. At least when they went to a registrar's office in previous series and got a certificate in 30 seconds flat (in TV time), they were going to the right place.

  2. Thought it was the best episode in a fairly average series. The Patrick Stewart one was perhaps the worst of any.