Sunday, 11 March 2018

New FamilySearch layout reveals many new online holdings

I have just noticed that FamilySearch ( has changed its layout on pages identifying records per individual country. Each page now lists collections for that country within various categories, as follows:

Indexed Historical Records
Search collections of records for documents about your ancestors. You can filter which collections you would like to search within.

Image-Only Historical Records
Can't find records for your ancestors when you search? Try our collections that haven't been indexed yet. Select a collection to start browsing the images.

Catalog Material Available Online
Various categories

These vary from country to country - for example, there are no collections for Ireland as 'image-only historical records'. But the collections can also be filtered down to collection types, and there are some nice surprises. For example, in searching Catalog Material for military collections within the Irish section, I have just found a collection called Irish personnel of the British Army, containing free to access digitised registers of births, marriages and deaths from 1883-1931.


Have fun exploring!


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  1. Hi Chris, can you detail the path names you took to get the above results as although I frequently use the un-indexed films, I'm not seeing the above?
    Thanks Bobbie

  2. - From Search page, go to Research by location – choose Ireland
    - On the Irish records page, Scroll down page to 'Catalog Material'
    - Go to Birth, Marriage and Death section – select Show all 1742
    - Under Refine your Search, type in collection name - Irish personnel of the British Army
    - It's the first option returned


  3. I'm being absolutely thick, but following the above guide I can't get any further than Research by Location - there is no sign of anything called "Catalog Material" still less a BMD section