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Additions to the Original Record

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Astrologer's Clients
William Lilly, an astrologer, kept practice books listing his clients, their questions and the figures or horoscopes that he cast. Their questions relate to stolen property, probable success in any undertaking, ships at sea, health, long-life, love, marriage, pregnancy, &c. The books came into the possession of Elias Ashmole, who bequeathed them to Oxford University. This calendar was prepared by William Henry Black and printed in 1845. He lists the clients by folio number, remarking 'the names are often omitted, and usually written invertedly, or disguised in some other manner'. Where a date of birth is specified in the practice book, it is given in the calendar. Practice Book II is for consultations from 22 September 1645 to 17 August 1646.

Derby Small Debt Court Commissioners
'An Act for the more easy and speedy Recovery of Small Debts within the Borough of Derby, and the Liberties thereof', 6 Geo. III c. 20, appointed 120 initial commissioners to hear and determine cases as a court of justice to be called 'The Court of Requests for the Town and Borough of Derby, and the Liberties thereof'.

Loyal Addresses of the Inhabitants of Haverfordwest and of Cirencester
A loyal address, 18 October 1775, from the Mayor, Sheriff, Aldermen, Common Council-men and inhabitants of the town and county of Haverfordwest, condemning rebellion in the American Colonies, and expressing wholehearted loyalty to Crown and Parliament, was presented to king George III, 14 November 1775, 'Which Address His Majesty was pleased to receive very graciously.' 'Let those wicked Persons, who from hence either secretly abet, or in America openly support, this destructive Contest, be taught some Truths, of which it is material that they and their misguided Followers should no longer be ignorant.' A similar address was presented at the same time from the Steward, Bailiffs and principal inhabitants of the ancient borough of Cirencester condemning 'so ill-founded and so unnatural a Rebellion'. Both addresses are subscribed by lists of inhabitants.

Union for Parliamentary Reform: Subscribers
Following several meetings in London in June 1812, a Union for Parliamentary Reform was established, drawing support from throughout Britain. The union's principal tenets were:
'1. Representation - the happiest discovery of political wisdom - is the vital principle of the English Constitution, inasmuch as it is that alone, which in a state, too extensive for personal legislation, constitutes political liberty.
'2. Political Liberty being a common right, representation co-extensive with direct taxation, ought, with all practicable equality, to be fairly and honestly distributed throughout the community, the facility of which cannot be denied.
'3. The constitutional duration of a Parliament cannot exceed one year.'
This list of subscribers gives full names, with the town of residence. Those subscribers who paid three guineas a year have a dagger in front of their names.

Bedfordshire Land Tax Commissioners
'An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes', 11 & 12 Vic. c. 62, 14 August 1848, lists the new commissioners county by county and borough by borough, giving full name, with addresses in italics. Where part of a county lay, for taxation purposes, within a borough &c., the list of new commissioners for the rural portion is headed 'For the Rest of the County of ...'.

London Missionary Contributions:
The monthly Missionary Magazine and Chronicle listed contributions to the London Missionary Society received from individuals and through the auxiliaries. The issues for 1850 covered contributions received from 1 November 1849 to 31 October 1850. There are returns from Albany Chapel, Camberwell; Albion Chapel; Barbican; Barnsbury Chapel, Islington; Broad Street; Buckingham Chapel, Pimlico; Camberwell; Clapham; Claremont Chapel; Coverdale Chapel, Limehouse; Craven Chapel; Ebenezer Chapel, Bermondsey; Falcon Square; Fetter Lane; Finsbury; Hanover Chapel, Peckham; Hare Court; Haverstock Hill; Holloway; Holywell Mount; Hoxton; Islington Chapel; Jamaica Row; Kensington; Kingsland; Latimer Chapel; Lower Street, Islington; Maberly Chapel; Mile End New Town; New Court, Carey Street; Old Gravel Pit, Homerton; Orange Street; Paddington Chapel; Poultry Chapel; Queen Street, Ratcliffe; Robert Street, Grosvenor Square; Spa Fields; Stepney; St John's Chapel, Walworth; Stockwell; St Thomas's Square, Hackney; Surrey Chapel; Tabernacle; Tottenham Court Road; Trevor Chapel; Trinity Chapel, Brixton; Trinity Chapel, Poplar; Union Chapel, Islington; Union Street, Southwark; Walthamstow; Walworth; York Road; and York Street, Walworth.

Bengal Civil Servants
The East India Register and Army List was compiled, by permission of the East India Company, from the official returns received at the East India House. The list of civil servants in Bengal presidency is arranged by class of rank, and then by seniority of appointment. The season of appointment is given on the left, then name (usually in the form christian name, initials for middle names, surname) and current position, or if on furlough - except in the case of the appointees of the season of 1856 in the sixth class, where no position is stated, and christian names are given only as initials.


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