Thursday 26 July 2012

US FindmyPast Pioneer sub offer

I've now had confirmation from several readers in both the UK and Australia that it is possible to purchase the American based FindmyPast ( Pioneer subscription from outside of the US, though this offer is for a limited period only.

The offer is for a 75% discount on the normal price - meaning access is just $4.95 a month. In proper money that means an annual subscription will cost just approximately £37.85 for a year's access to the holdings of FindmyPast US, FindmyPast UK, FindmyPast Ireland and FindmyPast Australasia.

I would suggest readers may wish to consider adopting the get-in-like-Flynn strategy...! (Note the small print on the site: This offer can be discontinued at our sole discretion at any time. Please check the web site to see if the offer still stands.)

For more on the new site visit and


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  1. Only been experimenting with the site for a couple of hours & as a Non-Professional looking for info for my 5 family trees I have already had sucess in finding one of the people I wanted info on in US.I have FMP & Ancestry subs(Not worldwide)So this is great for me,love a bargain!Searching I found very easy & simple to use,looked on all the records from Countries on offer & also read up on whats to come & its a def thumbs up from me so far, Thanks again Chris for letting us all know, Lynn

  2. That's great Lynn, and thanks for sharing your thoughts - glad it's proving to be a worthwhile purchase!


  3. Have just completed purchase, not had time to mowdie about yet. I had to register first but used my FMP UK details and it was happy. Dead simple process to then go back to home page, click on Pioneer offer (top right)and a few seconds later I was paid up. I couldn't see anywhere that the offer runs out today (26th) but it did tell me that my sub expires 26 July 2013. It also says this up at the top of the home page when your logged in.