Tuesday 17 July 2012

Forthcoming Society of Genealogists events

From Lori Weinstein, a list of forthcoming Society of Genealogists (www.sog.org.ukevents in London for August and September. All places must be pre-booked and pre-paid - visit the website or contact the events department at events@sog.org.uk

Society of Genealogists Heritage Open Day
Sat 4 Aug 11:00-16:00
Learn how to trace your family tree with the help of our experts.
Free Lectures: Getting Started (11:30), Getting the Most from the Census (12:45), Treasures of the SoG (14:00), Immigration Records (15:15)
Library tours: 11:00, 12:00 & 14:00.
All free of charge but must be pre-booked, preferably by email: events@sog.org.uk

The Victorian Way of Death
Sat 18 Aug 10:30-13:00
In the 1800’s, death did not hold the same taboo as it does today. A funeral was a time for sombre celebration and an opportunity for the family to gather and exchange the latest news and gossip. Many of the traditions have evolved and still, in one form or another, survive today. These traditions and folklore which surrounded the Victorian rituals are investigated in this informative yet humorous talk. A half-day course with Tom Doig £17.50

Ireland to England: Where Did They Come From?
Sat 18 Aug 14:00-17:00
A half-day course with Michael Gandy £17.50

Visit & Talk: Ragged School Museum
Tue 21 Aug 14:00
A one-hour talk on the history of the Ragged School, its premises and the East London Victorian poor. The Museum can be toured before or after the talk (self guided), £10.00

Mayfair and the London Season
Wed 22 Aug 14:00-15:00
During the nineteenth century, aristocratic and elite families would travel to a small pocket of the West End of London to participate in the annual Season. Mayfair remained at the heart of this social phenomenon throughout the century and it's character fundamentally affected by the events of the Season. My PhD research (completed in 2011) studied the effects of the Season on Mayfair and the people who lived there. To do this, I used a wide variety of sources, linking these together to build a picture of Mayfair's residents during this period. My talk introduces some of these sources (including court records, data contained in newspapers, biographies, fashion documents), demonstrating how these were used to build a picture of the Season, as well as briefly summarising the findings of my research into this period of Mayfair's history.
A one-hour talk with Kathryn Wilkins £6.00

In the Name of God Amen: Wills Workshop
Sat 25 Aug 10:30-13:00
Whether your ancestors owned large swathes of land in the north of England or came from a more humble background in the West Country, the chances are that somewhere along the line some of them will have left wills. The tutor will look at how to access wills and how you can use them to get a better understanding of what life was really like for your ancestors.
A half-day workshop with Dave Annal £17.50

Family Historian Software - Practical
Sat 25 Aug 14:00-17:00
A hands-on practical course to help you better understand the software, you must bring a laptop.
A half-day course with John Hanson £17.50

Drawing up a Family Tree
Sat 1 Sep 10:30-13:00
The instructor will talk about uses of family trees, standard layouts and conventions, what to include and how to draw one up by hand. Software is mentioned as one means of generating trees and pedigree charts but the emphasis will not be on specific programs.
A half-day course with Louise Taylor £17.50

Coach & Harness Makers and Those That Drove Them
Sat 1 Sep 14:00-17:00
Throughout the era of the horse drawn vehicle many skilled and not so skilled ancestors were involved in the construction of the vehicles and the crafting and manufacture of harnesses used on the horses that pulled them. Business existed in both towns and villages so many of our ancestors would have been either directly or indirectly involved. We examine the different occupations followed, the regional differences, how they trained and the variety of records of those involved, including those that drove them. A half-day course with Ian Waller £17.50

Stage 2 (Intermediate) Evening Skills Course
Thu 6 Sep 18:00-20:00
This course is designed for those who already have some experience of genealogical research and are familiar with the basic records, and will introduce students to many of the records and finding aids used to take research further. Both primary and secondary sources will be used as well as electronic media and the internet. In addition to a description of the records and their whereabouts, sources will be put into the context of their original purpose and the techniques required in their use in genealogical research. Some of the topics covered are: Trades and professions, records of the poor, Army, Navy and Merchant Navy records, criminal and court records and records of the 17th century. This course is also suitable for students wishing to take the IHGS examinations.
Thursday evenings, 10 Weeks £150.00. Some courses can also be booked individually, please contact the events department for further information.

My Ancestor was Scottish
Sat 8 Sep 10:30-13:00
We will look at Birth, Marriage and Death records in Scotland, and how to locate them, as well as church records, census and what is available on the internet.
A half-day course with Alan Stewart £17.50

Victorian Law & Order
Sat 8 Sep 14:00-17:00
How could records of Victorian Law & Order help my researches - my ancestors never strayed from the 'straight & narrow'? We should remember that records of Victorian courts include not just criminals but also ordinary, law-abiding folk. There are records of juries, witnesses, licences for gamekeepers and peddlars, bastardy bonds and prison reports plus records from the High Courts & Chancery where families squabble over inheritances and property. Then there are the peace-keepers, the traditional parish constable and the later police officers to also consider. This half-day session looks at the key records of the main law courts, how to interpret them and where to find them incorporating case studies to illustrate research techniques.
A half-day course with Liz Carter £17.50

Family Historian Software for Beginners
Wed 12 Sep 14:00-17:00
This program has a number of innovative features and is geared for the British market. The course will give you an overview of the program.
A half-day course with John Hanson £17.50

Poverty and Madness: Stories of Women from Stepney in the 19th Century
Wed 19 Sep 14:00-15:00
This lecture is based on a study of sixteen women from east London, each of whom was admitted to Middlesex County Lunatic Asylum – Colney Hatch in the period 1877 to 1889. It draws on evidence from Charles Booth’s poverty survey, Poor Law Union and asylum records, to tell the stories of individual women. A one-hour lecture with Louise Taylor £6.00

Walk: Cemeteries & Burial Grounds in Westminster
Fri 21 Sep 14:00-16:00
With Alec Tritton £10.00/£8.00

Marry 'em Off, Kill 'em Off: Researching a London Family 1640-1840
Sat 22 Sep 10:30-13:00
A lecture and discussion with John Titford on how to locate the correct family member, using a case study as an example. £17.50

Tracing Scottish Ancestors at The National Archives
Sat 22 Sep 14:00-17:00
Holding records for Scotland from 1707, The National Archives holds documents on many of our Scottish ancestors. Find out how to go about finding them, and explore some of the treasures at The National Archives. A half-day course with Audrey Collins £17.50

Family History Research Getaway: Breaking Through the Brick Walls
Mon-Fri, 24-28 Sep 10:30-17:00
Spend a week on your family history with the Society of Genealogists. The SoG is hosting its five day extensive genealogy programme in its Library in London. This intensive course will concentrate on using techniques and resources, at the SoG and elsewhere, to tackle genealogical conundrums and take your family history further. However, there will be plenty of opportunity to concentrate on your own research as use of the Society’s genealogical library is included in the course and there will be opportunities for personal consultations with the tutors and members of the SoG expert help and advice team. The course will be led by Else Churchill, Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists and members of the lectures and education team. £150.00, includes lunch

Society of Genealogists Family History Conference: 175 Years of Civil Registration
Sat 29 Sep 10:30-17:00
The recording of birth, marriage and death records by the government began 175 years ago and is a wonderful tool for the family researcher. We will look at how and why Civil Registration was set up, how it worked (or didn’t) in the early years, who the registrars were and what their work involved, and how to best search the indexes, particularly online. £35.00 Includes Lunch

NB: The Olympics will soon be upon us and we hope everyone visiting has a good time. The Society will be open for normal hours during the Olympics period. We have no way of knowing what impact there will be on travel to the Society and our staff (who rely on public transport) may be affected too. We ask that you bear with us if the doors are not open at 10am due to some unforeseen problem. We will of course do everything possible to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. We would also recommend you check your own travel arrangements in advance as changes are possible during the games.

(With thanks to Lori)


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