Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TNA - updated archives action plan

The National Archives in England has placed an updated action plan online for its leadership role over the English archive sector over the next three years - it can be read at http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/archives/archives21centuryrefreshed-final.pdf. There's a lot of corporate speak, but it includes some interesting details to genealogists such as plans to initiate cataloguing work within the next 5 years on every outstanding county still to be dealt with in the Manorial Documents Register, as well as information on Network Rail's new archive, developments at Manchester's archives and more.

A somewhat Janet and John blog post describing the updated plan is also available online at http://blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk/blog/updated-action-plan-for-archives/ which concludes with the phrase "So, you see, archives are kind of important, and we would really love them to be around for many generations to come".

Incidentally, the equivalent action plan for Wales (published last year) is available at http://wales.gov.uk/topics/cultureandsport/museumsarchiveslibraries/cymal/archives/archives21stcentury/?lang=en


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