Monday, 23 July 2012

UKBMD - new parish registers category

The UKBMD website ( has had a bit of an update, with the addition of new categories. From Ian Hartas:

UKBMD has been updated to add new options on its menu

The very first version of the UKBMD web site simply provided a map of the UK and linked the counties to their respective Local BMD web sites if they had one.

This first version was soon replaced by one similar in style to the current version, with links to all sorts of other websites with on-line data for a wide range of categories.

However, we often still see many references to UKBMD which only mention Civil Registration. Selecting a county from the drop-down list in the menu will show a wide range of links to sites with more than just civil registration data. Two of the major categories are Census and Parish Register data.

To highlight this fact the menu on the left of the UKBMD pages has been enhanced to add another button for Parish Registers. Click on this button and all the sites that we know of with on-line parish register data will be listed. At the top of the list will be a drop-down list of counties which will allow you to refine the list to show only sites for a chosen county.

In a similar manner, the Census page has been enhanced also to allow you to refine the list based on a selected county.

(With thanks to Ian)


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