Friday 26 October 2012

Debbie Kennett's new Surnames book

News on Debbie Kennett's next book:

The Surname Handbook: A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century
Debbie Kennett
To be published 5th November 2012, £14.99 Paperback Original

A comprehensive and non-academic guide to discovering the origins and meanings of your surname

Discovering the changes and meaning of family names has always been of interest to family historians, however some of the definitions in surname dictionaries are often woefully inadequate or inaccessible for most people. The Surname Handbook looks the rectify this situation by providing an authoritative overview and useful guide on the subject, showing you how you can trace the history of your surname.

Taking you through the available resources online and offline, this new title from renowned genealogist Debbie Kennett allows you to understand the origins, meanings, evolutions, frequency and even the distribution of your surname. Utilising extensive internet sources in an easy to understand way, The Surnames Handbook shows you how the study of surnames is an easier proposition than ever before.

· The first non-academic and easy-to-use guide on surnames and genetics, showing you how to use the latest techniques.

· Chapters include the classification of surnames, surname mapping, surname frequency, and surname origins, alongside detailed appendices of useful resources.

· Discusses new developments in genetic genealogy that are advancing our knowledge and understanding of surnames.

· From the author of DNA & Social Networking.

Debbie Kennett, an editor and genealogist, is well known internationally as being at the cutting-edge of family history research. She organises two projects at Family Tree DNA (largest, US-based international testing group) and writes for many Family History magazines. She runs social media for Guild of One-Name Studies. Her first book on DNA and Social Media for family historians is published by THP.

(With thanks to Ross Britton at The History Press


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