Monday 29 October 2012

Previously... Scotland's History Festival programme

The festival programme for the second Previously... Scotland's History Festival has been published online at with various talks and events taking place from November 13th-30th 2012.

Amongst the highlights:
  • Neil Oliver goes behind their bloodthirsty reputation to find the truth about the Vikings (21 Nov)
  • The Big Shiny Debates return - this time in a new venue (14,21,28 Nov)
  • The Flyting is back! (23 Nov)
  • The Devine Interrogation sees Lesley Riddoch v Prof Tom Devine... (29 Nov)
  • Rebus Tours around Edinburgh (17,24 Nov)
  • A Robert Louis Stevenson Evening with John Sessions and Nigel Planer (13 Nov)


Scotland 1750-1850 - 5 weeks online Pharos course, £45.99, taught by Chris Paton from 2 NOV 2012 - see
New book: It's Perthshire 1866 - there's been a murder... (from June 12th 2012)

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