Wednesday 31 October 2012

Scottish Genealogy Society classes programme

The Scottish Genealogy Society ( has an update for its forthcoming programme of classes:

Programme of Classes

The Society has put together a programme of family history classes which go beyond the usual birth, marriage and death information. The schedule has now been updated (see below). As already mentioned, the classes will be held mostly on a monthly basis at our Family History Centre at 15 Victoria Terrace and will cost £10 each.

The schedule is as follows-all dates are Saturdays from 10am-12pm:


3 November Maritime: John Stevenson, our resident expert on all things maritime, can help if you have a query on anything regarding the Royal or Merchant Navy. This will be in the form of a workshop, so come along with your questions and research so far.

1 December Emigrants: With so many ancestors emigrating to the far flung corners of the British Commonwealth and beyond, this is an important part of Scottish family history. Ken Nisbet can help you find the best sources of information to help you trace their whereabouts.


12 January Census: The censuses are an invaluable source of information - giving details such as places of birth, occupations, etc. Ken Nisbet can show how they can be best used by family historians.

2 February Scottish Handwriting: Just when you think it's great because you have researched your family back into the 18th Century, you suddenly find the writing on the OPRs changes and you can't read it! Kirsty Stewart, who was involved in setting up the Scottish Handwriting website, will give a talk on how to decipher it.

16 February Beginners: This class is just what it says -for beginners.
The lecturer will be Ken Nisbet who has many years of experience in researching family history.

2 March Taxation Records: Joy Dodd will give a talk on how these records can help with your research.

6 April Military Records: Our resident expert on all things military - Ken Nisbet - will give a talk about military records - where to find them, how to interpret them, etc.

4 May Land Records: Did your ancestors own property? Then this class can help you find out how to source such information. The speaker for this class will be Gregory Lauder-Frost.

1 June Beginners: with Ken Nisbet - another class as per above.

(With thanks to Ken Nisbet)


Scotland 1750-1850 - 5 weeks online Pharos course, £45.99, taught by Chris Paton from 2 NOV 2012 - see
New book: It's Perthshire 1866 - there's been a murder... (from June 12th 2012)

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