Sunday 21 October 2012

Durham Records Online update

What's New at Durham Records Online (

Newcastle All Saints burials 1828-1836
1,744 burials at Newcastle All Saints in Northumberland, covering 1828-1836, from the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register.

Newcastle All Saints marriages 1830-1836
1,833 marriages at Newcastle All Saints in Northumberland, covering 1830-1836, from the Bishop’s Transcript, with many marriages checked against the parish register.

Hartlepool West View Cemetery burials 1911-1929
2,875 burials at Hartlepool West View Cemetery in Hartlepool, from the opening of the cemetery in 1911 to 1929.

Chester-le-Street baptism index updated with full details for 1790-1812
Replaced the Chester-le-Street baptism index for 1790-1812 with full entries so those 5,801 baptisms are now instantly available, including 2 new records we missed the first time around.

Coming soon:
Marriage witnesses at Bishopwearmouth 1813-1837
Heworth marriages 1896-1908
South Shields St Hilda burials 1798-1812

Further down the road: records from Tynemouth, Earsdon, Hexham, Etherley, Sacriston, Lumley

(With thanks to Holly Cochran)


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