Wednesday 31 October 2012

Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the Old Parish Registers course

Just a quick plug for my next Pharos hosted Scottish course, which will start this Friday 2nd November - the first lesson will go out then, though the first online chat session will be a week or so after.

Scottish Research Online, my previous Pharos course, finished last night, and looked very much at how to get the best from certain key websites that are used to get you on your way - ScotlandsPeople, Ancestry, FindmyPast etc. It's a sort of introduction to Scottish research, but with added "oomph", giving many tips that will make you a better researcher along the way. (Although ended, it will be back twice next year! See

The follow up course, Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the Old Parish Registers is where the fun really, really begins - it's for the next stage of your research and comes with added "oomph", with history, social context, Scottish law and more. Scottish poor law, burgh administration records, the system of Scottish feudalism that affected land transactions and property inheritance, and much more - this short course really shows why Scottish research is in so many ways completely different to the rest of the UK and the British Isles. If you are doing a one-name study, researching your own tree, even researching someone else's tree, this course will significantly develop your skills as a researcher and your understanding of Scottish genealogical areas for study.

There's still some availability on the next course, however, which costs £45.99, and which will run over 5 weeks - letting you finish in plenty of time to get your Christmas shopping and to do the Christmas bashes! Although it is preferred that you have done the first course, it is still possible to sign up to the second course not having done so, on the assumption you are up to speed with the issues covered in the initial course (you can see what was covered on the Pharos website). A lesson is sent out at the start of each week, we have a weekly online chat for an hour to discuss issues raised, and a dedicated discussion forum to further thrash out issues and concepts - and you'll get me to offer occasional bits of advice into your own ancestral problems along the way!

For further details see - hopefully see a few of you there!


Scotland 1750-1850 - 5 weeks online Pharos course, £45.99, taught by Chris Paton from 2 NOV 2012 - see
New book: It's Perthshire 1866 - there's been a murder... (from June 12th 2012)

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