Wednesday 17 October 2012

QR codes on gravestones - Church of England reaction

There's an interesting article on the use of QR codes on memorial stones on the Diocese of Winchester website at It raises the question of possible problems with the use of such codes in redirecting people to the wrong websites if they have been hacked - imagine scanning a gravestone of Great Auntie Flo only to be redirected to a pornographic site! A sum of £190 is then raised as the fee for those who wish to apply to the court of the Archbishop of Canterbury for a 'faculty' for the use of such codes on stones, apparently 'required by the Dean of Arches to add a code to either an existing or new memorial'. I'm not too familiar with the Anglican Church's jurisdiction in matters today, so this is a bit of an eye opener - worth a read.

(With thanks to @NatChurchTrust)


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