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British Naturalisation and Denization records online

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NEW Naturalisation and Denization Records

Did your ancestor move to Britain? Did they become a British citizen like the late celebrity food critic Egon Ronay or Nobel Prize Winner Elias Canetti? Find them in the new records on TheGenealogist!

Over 150,000 unique Naturalisation and Denization Records are now available on TheGenealogist with records ranging from 1609 to 1960, over 300 years worth of rare and hard to find records that are now available for family historians.

With over 145,000 records of overseas nationals achieving British Naturalisation plus over 5,000 Huguenot records now added as well, there’s a wealth of unique information to access. Combined with the latest search technology, it’s now possible to search and discover these records quickly and easily.

Before 1844, naturalisation was granted by a private act of parliament. This process of naturalisation was expensive and only a few could afford it. Denization on the other hand, although requiring a payment was a more affordable option.

Naturalisation records are an invaluable way of tracking down an ancestor who was born abroad and then settled in the UK. With the political and social upheavals over the last few centuries, many people have made the journey to the UK to start a new life.

There’s a substantial chance that many family history researchers will discover they have ancestors who originated from overseas.

As well as providing the date an ancestor may have received British Naturalisation or Denization, other details are provided such as changing their name when they arrived in the UK, for example Jonas Kaluzevicius in our records changed his name to a more English John Smith! It’s all listed within the extensive records of TheGenealogist.

For those researchers who knew their ancestors originated from abroad, or if it’s a brand new surprising discovery, the new set of records provide more information on those previously hard to find records.

(With thanks to David Osborne)


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