Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Genhound update

Latest additions to Genhound (

Titles added to Genhound since the last bulletin:

Jackson Family of Ireland, 1626-1725, added 12/2/2013, search at:

Hereford Family of Plymouth, 1512-1543, added 11/2/2013, search at:

Cumberland Directory 1909, Bennett, 1909-1909, added 02/2/2013, search at:

Giffard and Mandeville Families, 1166-1276, added 30/1/2013, search at:

Neville (Nevill) Family Origins, 1131-1903, added 28/1/2013, search at:

Bacon and Longe Family Great Seal Purse, 1578-1890, added 25/1/2013, search at:

Seventeenth Century Gossip from London, 1666-1687, added 23/1/2013, search at:

Swynnerton Family Ancient Petitions, 1294-1324, added 21/1/2013, search at:

Staffordshire Trade Directory 1939, 1939-1939, added 19/1/2013, search at:

Cheshire Deeds PtB, 1230-1651, added 16/1/2013, search at: =889

Jackson, Sir Anthony of Killingwoldgraves, 1599-1666, added 14/1/2013, search at:

Wedderburn Family of Dundee, 1464-1898, added 12/1/2013, search at:

Buxton of Shadwell Court, 1234-1613, added 11/1/2013, search at:

Bray Family of Shere, 1463-1903, added 09/1/2013, search at:

Carew Family Origins, 1174-1589, added 07/1/2013, search at:

Worcestershire Trade Directory 1939, 1939 -1939, added 05/1/2013, search at:

Mauduit of Hartley Mauduit , 1086-1268, added 02/1/2013, search at:

Russell family, London West End, 1721-1886, added 24/12/2012, search at:

Scott or Schott Family German Ancestors, 1484-1854, added 19/12/2012, search at:

Okeover Family Ancestors, 1113-1903, added 17/12/2012, search at:

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