Monday 25 February 2013

War Memorial Records on The Genealogist

From The Genealogist (

Fully searchable War Memorial Records launched with images of each name!

The Genealogist has launched a unique service that allows you to find your ancestor on the largest collection of combined War Memorial records and images currently available anywhere.

With 100,000 records at the launch at WDYTYA Live and a fast growing coverage it could quickly find those ancestors with a memorial.

Records ranging from soldiers lost in the Boer War in 1901 to more modern day conflicts such as in Northern Ireland, there are a number of records to access in our War Memorial collection.

Using the sophisticated search technology, with just the basic details, you can locate full information on where a soldier is commemorated, find out more details such as the regiment he was in and full location of the War Memorial and even see images of the war memorial itself to view the name of your ancestor!

This is the first time that a fully searchable database of war memorials, complete with images has been made available online. It’s also the first time genealogical records have been linked in with other services to provide a great wealth of information.

Each transcript brings up details of the memorial with overview images of the entire memorial and is connected to Google Maps with StreetView to see the precise location of the memorial. The memorial is in turn linked to the Imperial War Museum’s Memorial Archive, giving you further details about the memorial, such as who built it, when it was built, who paid for it and more.

Find your ancestor using just their name, locate their memorial and add the images and information to your family history records or even plan your visit!


(With thanks to David Osborne; also to Nigel and Mark Bayley for the personal demo on Sunday before the event opened!)

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