Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MyHeritage offers deep discounted DNA Tests

MyHeritage has launched a special campaign offering deep discounts on DNA tests to mark the first anniversary of the availability of DNA tests on MyHeritage. These tests are offered in partnership with Family Tree DNA. This is part of a giant DNA sale organized by MyHeritage simultaneously across all its websites - MyHeritage.com, Geni.com and WorldVitalRecords.com.

The highlight is the autosomal DNA test, Family Finder, which is priced on MyHeritage now at £107.00 (+ VAT) instead of £183.00 (+ VAT) for a limited period. The Family Finder test is powerful in that it can find relatives for the person being tested, who are descendant from any shared ancestors, 5 generations back, and not just on the direct paternal or direct maternal lines. This low price has never been available before on MyHeritage or Family Tree DNA and is available for a limited period only.

MyHeritage is discounting also combo DNA tests that include the Family Finder. The most powerful combination available on the market, is called Comprehensive Genome and that is also significantly discounted as part of this special offer.

MyHeritage Premium and PremiumPlus subscribers enjoy discounts of 10% and 15% respectively on all the DNA tests (other than Family Finder) for a limited period.

In a new, unique offer, MyHeritage users can now purchase a PremiumPlus subscription which provides them unlimited storage and all extra features for their family tree, and get a Y-DNA12 test worth £63.70 (plus VAT) for free, or a free mtDNA test (for females). Users can also purchase a MyHeritage Data subscription and receive the DNA test for free.

The discounted DNA tests are also available now for the first time ever on websites Geni.com and WorldVitalRecords.com, owned by MyHeritage. In those websites, subscribers enjoy a 10% discount on the DNA tests. Geni and WorldVitalRecords extend the partnership of MyHeritage and Family Tree DNA and bring it to the many millions of users on Geni and WorldVitalRecords.

More details can be found on the MyHeritage blog http://blog.myheritage.com/2013/02/myheritage-dna/ , and to place an order for a discounted DNA test go to http://www.myheritage.com/dna-tests.

(With thanks to Laurence Harris at MyHeritage.com)


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