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East London records added to Deceased Online

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Records for historic East London cemetery added to Deceased Online website

All 420,000 records for the large and historic Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium in East London have been digitized and will all be available on by early March 2013. The unique Deceased Online web portal now features over 3 million London burial and cremation records and millions more for the rest of the UK.

The records for Manor Park comprise approximately 380,000 burial records and 40,000 cremation records featuring:

  • Digital scans of registers
  • Computerised records for later post-1996 burials and cremations
  • Interment details indicating all those buried in each grave
  • Maps providing the section in the cemetery where each burial is located
  • Some photographs of memorials

Manor Park opened in 1875 and features many interesting burials and memorials that are a real insight into the late 19th and 20th century East London. The 43-acre Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium is located near Forest Gate in the London Borough of Newham (records for which are also on Deceased Online). It is privately owned and has been managed by the same family since its foundation on1875. Indeed, the grave of Mr. William Nesbitt, the very first interment that took place on 25th March 1875, can still be found on the right hand side of Remembrance Road.

Deceased Online is the only website portal dedicated to providing detailed statutory burial and cremation records. Launched four years ago, its database is growing rapidly and features local authority, private cemeteries and crematoria (such as Manor Park) and data supplied by ‘Friends’ groups and family history societies. Data on the Deceased Online website covers many areas from Aberdeen down to South Devon.

Manor Park director, Brian Cook, said of the digitization and web project: “We’re delighted to have all our records digitized which will enable both the local community and anyone connected with the internet globally to access them easily. It also means that we can protect and preserve all our old records and easily access them ourselves online and digitally.”

Deceased Online’s Head of Marketing Richard Gray commented: “With its size, location and history, Manor Park is an important database to have available online to millions of users. Deceased Online now has over 3 million unique burial records for London available at the touch of a mouse representing nearly 10 million data items and in East London, we have an excellent and growing range of data”.

(With thanks to Richard)


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