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The Original Record update

The Original Record site at has been updated with the following:

Signatories on behalf of several Midland churches
Representatives of several Midland churches signed this letter of 1 February 1652 (1651 Old Style) to Lord General Cromwell, advising him, amongst other things, that there remained 'many burdens and grievances yet unremoved, and the many good things yet obstructed, together with your many promises and ingagements before the Lord and his people, to endeavour the effectinge hearof'. The churches represented are Stafford, Shadbury, Berry Hill, Wasall (Walsall), Lichfield and Burton in Staffordshire; Porwidge (Parwich) in Derbyshire; Leicester, Mountsechill (Mountsorrel), Busswell and Gumley in Leicestershire, Ranstrop (Ravensthorpe) in Northamptonshire, and Bridgnorth in Shropshire.

Trainee Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses for Ireland
'A Table of the Names of those Teachers admitted to be trained in the Male (or Female) Model-School' 6 January 1826 to 5 January 1827: giving number in the scheme, full name, attendance (date of entry and date of discharge), and by whom recommended; for which school he or she was being trained; his or her age; when he or she commenced teaching; and his or her religion. The training was undertaken for the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland; mainly for schools connected with the society (pp. 46 to 51, 54 to 57) but also for eighteen unconnected (52 to 53, 58 to 59).

Glasgow Directory
'The Post-Office Annual Directory For 1835-56: Containing An Alphabetical List of the Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, and Principal Inhabitants: And A Second List of the Names of Merchants, Manufacturers and Traders, in Glasgow and Suburbs, Classed and Arranged under Each Distinct Head of Trade or Profession with A Street Directory: And An Appendix, Containing Many Useful Lists' was published in Glasgow in 1835. This main alphabetical section is from page 21 to 253, and comprises about 11,000 entries.

Trustees of Municipal Charities
J. F. Le Cointe, Master of Reports and Entries in Chancery, of the Report-Office, made this return 23 July 1838 of the names of persons appointed as trustees for municipal charities of the cities and boroughs of England and Wales. The information is given in tabular form, listing the names of cities and boroughs; full names of trustees appointed; number of trustees; and date of appointment, most having been appointed in 1836 or 1837.

Subscribers to 'Poems for Home'
'Poems for Home', by Isabella Caulton (authoress of the 'Domestic Hearth,' and other poems) was published at Leamington Spa in 1851.

Meritorious Service Medal
King George V on 17 June 1918 approved of the award of the Meritorious Service Medal to these Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men, in recognition of valuable services rendered with the Forces in France during the Great War.

Naval Officers
The alphabetical list of officers on the Active List of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines (RM) gives: where serving; name (surname and initials); rank; and the dates of their seniority. This is the list from the March 1939 edition of the Navy List, corrected to 18 February 1939.

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