Friday, 14 November 2014

PRONI - Preservation Week

PRONI ( has previously announced that it is holding a 'Preservation week' in Belfast from December 8th-12th 2014, which will means some limited service provision, including a lack of document productions for the week.

I've just noticed that the archive has a page on this now at providing a tantalising glimpse at some of he behind the scenes facilities at the archive. In particular it notes that

Each day during Preservation Week we will be posting articles on our website about preservation, reprographics, preventative conservation, digital preservation and emergency planning.

We hope to have lots of photos (and maybe some videos!) to show you just what we get up to behind the scenes.

So whilst the access to documents for a week may be briefly curtailed, a glimpse at exactly how the archive works will be more than worth the sacrifice!


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