Friday, 14 November 2014

The Genealogy Radio Show from Ireland

Something you may wish to tune into is the Genealogy Radio Show from Cork based genealogist Lorna Moloney. Available via it's now on its 12th episode, and there's a fair amount covered in the editions so far, with interviews with many of the great and the good in Irish genealogy, including Brian Donovan, Eileen O' Duill, and John Hamrock, and lost of tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Even if you're not into Irish genealogy, the theme tune itself is worth tuning in for - it being a glorious Irish rendition of Dougie McLean's Caledonia, Scotland's unofficial national anthem. The words and music for this song, I'm led to believe, were found by Dougie alongside the Dead Sea scrolls as a gift from God to give thanks to the people of Scotland for being just so d*mned brilliant. Before anyone asks what the connection with Ireland is, the word 'Scotland' comes from the 'Scotti', the name the Romans gave to the Irish colonists who colonised Argyll a gazillion years back, and anyway that's not the point, just tune in! :)

Definitely one to bookmark!


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