Friday, 8 June 2018

FindmyPast updates its Suffragette Collection

FindmyPast ( has updated its Suffragette Collection:

Suffragette Collection Update

Explore over 22,000 new additions to our Suffragette Collection. Exclusively available on Findmypast, this latest batch of records has been digitised and released online for the first time in association with the National Archives. It includes a wide variety of Home Office and Metropolitan Police files as well as 1911 census returns that list either "Suffragette" or "Suffragist" as an occupation.

The Suffragette Collection now contains more than 78,000 records that reveal the struggles endured by the movement's most ardent supporters and highlight the State's response as it attempted to contain them. These rich documents bring together the stories of women from all walks of life who actively supported women's suffrage, either by attending demonstrations and meetings or opting for militant "direct action".

The collection spans from 1902 to 1919 and includes the following series of records from The National Archives: AR 1, ASSI 52, CRIM 1, CRIM 9, DPP 1, HO 144, HO 45, HO 140, LO 3, MEPO 2, MEPO 3, PCOM 7, PCOM 8, PRO 30, T 1, T 172, TS 27, and WORK 11. Among these are photographs of suffragettes, cabinet letters, calendars of prisoners, Home Office papers of suffragette disturbances, an index of women arrested between 1906 and 1914 (the official watch list of over 1,300 suffragettes), reports of force-feeding, and more.

Women's Suffrage Petition 1866

Discover your ancestor in this index from the women's suffrage petition of 1866. The petition contains over 1,500 names and was obtained through Each transcript will list your ancestor's name, address and any additional notes. Additional information about these records can be found on the source's website.

The suffrage petition of 1866 was the first Votes for Women mass petition put before Parliament. It was presented on 7 June 1866 by John Stuart Mill, a Member of Parliament. The original document with the individuals' signatures no longer exists. However, the list of signatories was printed in a pamphlet for circulation in 1866. Today, only two copies of this list exist, and it was from this document that this index was created.

Suffragette Newspapers Browse

Over 58,000 new records and 14 new titles have been added to our collection of Suffragette Newspapers.

The new titles available to browse include:

Church League for Women's Suffrage
Common Cause
Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Review
Free Church Suffrage Times
International Woman Suffrage News
Jus Suffragi
The Suffragist
The Vote
Woman's Dreadnought
Woman's Leader and the Common Cause
Woman's Signal
Women's Franchise
Women's Suffrage
Women's Suffrage Record

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