Sunday, 3 June 2018

Latest FindmyPast additions

The following records have been added to FindmyPast ( in the past week:

Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
Were your Catholic ancestors baptised in the Archdiocese of Chicago in Illinois? Over 1.2 million additional Sacramental registers dating from the mid-1800s up to 1925 have been added to our existing collection of Chicago Catholic Baptisms. Records will reveal the date and location of your ancestor's baptism, the names of their parents and their residence. Each result will provide a transcript and image of the original baptism register.

Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
Explore over 597,000 additional parish marriage records covering the Catholic population of Cook and Lake Counties in north-eastern Illinois.

Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Burials
Search over 229,000 recently added burial records to discover when and where your Catholic ancestors were laid to rest. Images may reveal additional details such as cause of death, residence, place of birth, father's name, mother's name and the name of the priest who conducted the service.

Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse
Our collection of Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Registers is now available to browse. Our browse function enables you to delve through original registers of baptisms, marriages and burials page by page.

Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records
Were your ancestors members of a Catholic congregation in Chicago? Explore more than 430,000 assorted congregational records from across the archdiocese to uncover vital biographical details as well as where and when your ancestors worshiped.

Ireland National School Registers
Over 43,000 additional records covering schools in County Mayo have been added to our collection of Ireland National School registers. The entire collection now contains more than 186,000 records from many areas of the country spanning the years 1860 to 1922.

Scotland Monumental Inscriptions Index
Over 33,000 additional records have been added to our collection of Scottish Memorial Inscriptions. The collection includes records from 14 Scottish counties including the Isle of Skye and 209 burial grounds. A full list of the burial grounds, organised by county, found in Scotland monumental inscriptions index can be found through the link provided in Useful links and resources.

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