Monday 26 December 2011

British GENES competition!

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and that you're still talking to at least some of your relatives!!! (Keep them on board, important genealogical resource!)

As it is Start Your Family Tree Week from today, I am going to join in the festive fun with a competition to allow two readers a chance to win copies of my latest book, Irish Family History Resources Online. The book is not available for sale in the UK, as it has been published by Unlock the Past ( in Australia, and so the small pile I have here in my house may well be the only copies in Britain - so there's no better reason to try to win a copy now! The book is packed not only with links on useful Irish resources, but all sorts of useful tips on what to do with them - how to save money by using particular research strategies on some sites, clues not to miss with other resources that you may happily glide by without realising the importance of and so much more. Bear in mind that with my wife and myself coming from opposite ends of the island of Ireland and each kicking with a different foot, you'll find I've been dabbling into all sorts for all sorts in the book!

So here's the question...

Q: In our trees, we each have two parents, four grandparents and eight great grandparents. But how many ten times great grandparents do we each have?! (The maximum possible, excluding cousin marriages etc!)

That should give you something to work on for a minute or two! (I was tempted to throw in a bonus question offering another copy to anyone who could name them all, but have decided against!)

To enter, please send the answer on an email to with BRITISH GENES COMPETITION as the subject header. Please at this stage simply give me your name, the answer, and the village/town/city where you live (if overseas, help me out a bit with the country also!). Winners will be contacted for further details in due course.

The closing date for the competition is Friday 30th December at 12pm GMT. The winners will be announced on this blog shortly after.

For more on Start Your Family Tree Week, visit FindmyPast's handy week planner at

Good luck!


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