Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Find My Past - A Royal Scandal trailer

The final trailer for this series of Find My Past, due to air tomorrow:

Find My Past - A Royal Scandal

Sir Charles Mordaunt was a wealthy Engligh country gentleman was notorious for involving the Prince of Wales( later King Edward VII) in his divorce case. Sir Charles was married on 7 December 1866 to Harriet Sarah Moncreiffe, daughter of a Scottish baronet. While Sir Charles killed foxes, deer, grouse, and salmon, or sat in Parliament, Harriet entertained numerous lovers, including the Prince and several of his aristocratic friends.

In 1869, Harriet gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, and then confessed everything to Sir Charles that Lord Cole was in fact the father of the child. Sir Charles who was enraged and sued for divorce, the case was brought to court and the Prince of Wales was called as a witness, he admitted visiting Lady Mordaunt but nothing further was proved.

Harriet's father, who had several other daughters to marry off, announced that she was mad. That would prevent a divorce trial and save the family reputation. She was incarcerated in various rented houses, and after some weeks either broke down or agreed to feign madness: smashing plates, eating coal, howling and crawling. She spent the remaining thirty-six years of her life in a lunatic asylum.

The episode airs tomorrow (Thursday 22nd December) on Yesterday at 9pm and is repeated daily throughout the following week. Yesterday can be found at Sky channel 537, Virgin TV channel 203 and Freeview channel 12 and there is more info about the series at and their Facebook page at

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