Saturday 10 December 2011

New ScotlandsPeople terminals add further search capability

From the ScotlandsPeople Centre website at

Access to Historical search room records

We now have computer terminals in the Matheson Dome and the Reid search room which give day customers access to some of the electronic records that are available in the Historic search room.

Customers can look up Kirk Session records, Wills & Testaments, Soldiers' Wills, Valuation Rolls, Sasine records and the Scottish Criminal Index without having to go up to the Historical search room.

Screen prints can be purchased - see our charges page for details. For more information, please speak to a search room supervisor.

Comment - this is an excellent development that will make the ScotlandsPeople Centre an even better integrated research hub than before, now that it is providing access to the NRS's Virtual Volumes system. Note that if you only wish to use these digitised records from the NRS's Historic Search Room, they are completely free to access there, whereas a pass into the SP Centre is £15, so plan accordingly!


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