Friday, 16 December 2011

Job cuts at the GRO

Twenty seven posts are to be axed from the civil registration part of the General Register Office in Southport, due to an apparent fall in demand for vital records certificates.

A GRO spokesman is quoted in the Southport Visitor as stating "“We are committed to providing more value for money to the taxpayer at a time of falling demand for life events certificates. We have proposals to launch a voluntary early release programme and will do everything we can to avoid compulsory redundancies.”

The full story is at

Many thanks to Peter Calver at Lost Cousins for contacting me about this - he has been tracking the GRO's performance following the rise in certificate prices and only this week had cited what he termed as a 'fiasco' in his latest newsletter, which can be viewed at


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  1. Another bad management decision at the GRO. Perhaps they should move it to Scotland!