Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Genealogist - Christmas news

The Genealogist ( has added 4.3 million records for the following counties within its 1911 English and Welsh census collection:


The records are accessible as part of its Diamond subscription. The company is also offering a substantial discount of £45 from its Diamond subscription if you sign up before January 3rd 2012. If you do so, you will also pay the same subscription fee each year when it comes to your annual renewal, so well worth considering.

The following records have also been added:

Illustrated London News (Diamond)
You can now search this weekly newspaper from 1842 up to 1850. Each issue is bookmarked by article and is easily searchable. They contain many announcements of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Obituaries, Wills & Bequests.

Parish Records (Diamond)
Cambridgeshire, Orwell Parish Register 1560-1653 
Shropshire, St. Chad's in Shrewsbury 1616-1812

Visitations (Diamond)
The Visitations of Suffolk 1561,1577,1612
Visitation of Norfolk 1664 A-L

Poll Books (Diamond)
Suffolk, Poll for the Knights of the Shire 1830

Directories (Diamond)
Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk Deacons Court Guide and County Blue Book 1892

Birth Transcripts 1940-2005 (Gold and Diamond subscriptions)
7.4 million birth transcripts have also been added, bringing the total number of birth records to over 35 million.

Wills (Gold and Diamond subscriptions)
Bristol Wills 1572-1792
Canterbury Wills 1383-1558
Chester Wills 1545-1620
Chester Wills 1681-1700
Chester Wills 1701-1720
Chester Wills 1721-1740
Chichester Calendar of Wills 1482-1800
Dorset Wills 1568 - 1799
Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, Wootton 1658
Gloucestershire Wills 1660 - 1800
Huntingdon Wills 1479-1652
Kent Records Vol.III - A Calendar of Wills 
Lancashire & Cheshire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678 
Lancashire & Cheshire Funeral Certificates 1600-1678 
Lancashire and Cheshire Wills 1301-1752
Lancashire Wills 1681-1748
Lancashire Wills 1748-1792
Lancaster Wills 1793-1812
Lichfield Wills 1516-1652
Lincoln Wills 1540 - 1659
Oxford Wills 1436 - 1814
Suffolk, Bury, Calendar of Pre-Reformation Wills
Suffolk, Bury, Calendar of Pre-Reformation Wills
Suffolk, Calendar of Wills 1383-1604
Suffolk, Calendar of Wills 1383-1604
Surrey Wills Worcestershire Wills 1451 - 1600
Worcestershire Wills 1601 - 1652

School Registers (Gold and Diamond subscriptions)
Cambridge University Calendar 1928-1929
Cambridge University Calendar, 1928-1929
Durham School Register 1840-1912
Gloucestershire, Old Wycliffians 1882-1926
London, Royal Holloway College Calendar 1897-1898
The Admission Register of the Manchester School 1730-1775
The Admission Register of the Manchester School 1776-1807
The Admission Register of the Manchester School 1807-1837
The Fettes College Register, Edinburgh 1870-1922
The London School of Economics and Political Science Register 1895-1932
Trinity College Admissions Vol.II 1546-1700
Trinity College Admissions Vol.III 1701-1800
Trinity College Admissions Vol.IV 1801-1850
Trinity College Admissions Vol.V 1851-1900

Directories (Gold and Diamond subscriptions)
White's 1844 Directory


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