Sunday 1 April 2012

Benghazi war graves damage - update

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( has presented an update on the destruction of British war graves in Benghazi, Libya, at both the Benghazi War Cemetery and Benghazi British Military Cemetery. From the CWGC newsletter:

"...the damage to both cemeteries is considerable. Confirmed reports by our colleagues on the ground indicate that headstones belonging to 245 individuals require replacement at Benghazi War Cemetery and that the Cross of Sacrifice within the cemetery has been severely damaged. In the Military Cemetery, the list of damaged grave markers, including headstones, pedestals and a small memorial, includes 125 names.

"Work is already underway to repair both cemeteries – with new headstones on order at our facility in France. In the interim, both cemeteries have been tidied and temporary grave markers erected."

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