Monday 2 April 2012

The National Archives launches Discovery

The National Archives has posted its plans for the roll out of its new Discovery catalogue ( The Documents Online service will be replaced by the new system at the end of this month, whilst the old catalogue will completely disappear by the end of June. For more on the story visit

I have no problems with the new set up, but I do have a question if anyone can answer! I find the Digital Microfilms link on Documents Online quite useful, and so am wondering if there will continue to be a list of what is available through that service somewhere on the site?



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  1. Hi Chris,

    To answer your question...
    As part of the work to move DocumentsOnline into Discovery, we are adding some new guidance pages to our website. These will include a list of digital microfilm - hope this helps!

    Emma Bayne,
    Head of Systems Development
    The National Archives