Wednesday 4 April 2012

MyHeritage uploads full US 1940 census

1940 Census wars!!!! From My Heritage (

PROVO, Utah & LONDON & TEL AVIV, Israel – April 4, 2012: To satisfy the great demand for the 1940 U.S Census, MyHeritage, the most popular family network on the web, today announced that it has successfully published all 3.8 million images of the 1940 U.S. Census, available to search for free on MyHeritage is the first commercial provider to successfully upload the entire 1940 Census image collection. MyHeritage was also first to provide an initial collection of indexed records from the 1940 US Census, searchable for free by names, facts and other criteria.

As millions of people rush to satisfy their curiosity and access one of the most significant and meaningful sets of historical records ever to be released, MyHeritage is the only destination on the web currently offering both a complete set of images from all US states and a preliminary searchable index, all on Access is free and no registration is required. The first indexed records come from Bristol County in Rhode Island, with a deluge of additional records to be added by MyHeritage each day.

MyHeritage is also the only provider to make the 1940 U.S. census searchable in 38 languages, enabling family history lovers all over the world to discover more about the lives of their American relatives during this transformative period in history. All census images are also currently available on the additional historical content sites owned by MyHeritage on and - with initial searchable indexes expected to be live soon on these websites, and to grow throughout 2012.

With the industry’s fastest and most powerful family history search engine and a sophisticated system for automatically matching records to family trees on the site, MyHeritage aims to provide an easy, hassle-free and enjoyable way of discovering more about a family’s American legacy through the 1940 U.S. Census. MyHeritage will also enable a search of the 1940 U.S. Census on-the-go with a new version of the MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android, to be launched this week.

With more than 62 million registered users, billions of historical records, 22 million family trees and close to 1 billion profiles, MyHeritage has become the trusted home on the web for families wishing to explore their family history, share memories and stay connected.

(With thanks to Laurence Harris)

COMMENT: I had a play for the first time with the US 1940 census using this site - very much like the search interface. Haven't had a chance yet to play with the other online presentations - but this one is definitely a player.


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  1. This link for My Heritage automatically jumps to a German site ( I've tried overriding the url with .com, and it still defaults to the German site. Anyone else having this problem? I can't find any link on the German site that looks like it will take me to the English language site either. Most odd! :-)

  2. Nope, mine still jumps to odd? Think I might run a virus/spyware/worm check to make sure I haven't been hacked or whatever! Or maybe it's Ancestry blocking it, cos they don't want me to use another provider? ;-)

  3. Sorry Catherine, can't help - just tried again and I'm definitely seeing it in English! Might be worth contacting MyHeritage, they may have an answer!