Tuesday 3 April 2012

Date Finder app

A press release from Chris Padgham in Victoria, Australia, about a new iPhone/iPad app which might be of interest.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA: Date Finder, a new iPhone/iPad app, will provide valuable assistance to people researching their family history. A common problem in genealogy research is to determine if two historic documents refer to the same individual. Date Finder allows you to quickly cross-reference a person’s age at a date from one document to their age at a date on another document to see if they align. http://www.solsup.com.au/DateFinder Available from App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/date-finder/id511832753?ls=1&mt=8. Cost: $0.99

Not a hundred per cent sure how much of a problem this actually is for people - but it's there to have a look at!


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  1. Awfy handy for dafties like me who lose count in GROS when browsing for a person's death and not sure of actual age.
    Shame I've not got one these fancy phones LOL

  2. A friend of mine has just tweeted that there is an equally useful appliance for those without an iPad - a calculator! :)


  3. Judging by the screen shot, it also makes the cardinal error of displaying just one age for all of a calendar year - accurate for those of us born on 1 January, not so good for the rest of us.

    You might think, "Well, it's obvious", to which I'd respond that those of us who find it obvious are probably using a calculator (or mental arithmetic!) anyway - those of us who need the app probably don't find it obvious and tend to treat the numbers as exact. "Oh it can't be mine, she should be 46 and this says 45..."

    Mind you - even I have problems with the 1841 census - what ages could they be, so what sums exactly do I do? So I confess I just might use such an app for that... That's if it does the 1841!