Sunday 1 April 2012

USA's 1940 federal census release

Tomorrow, April 2nd 2012, sees the United States of America's 1940 federal census released for the first time, which may be of interest if your ancestors or relatives emigrated to the States, or were present there on census night. The federal census was first recorded in 1790, and then every ten years, with 1940 being the 16th such census. Returns for 1890 were largely destroyed in a fire, but the rest are accessible online via various sites.

The 1940 census when released will not be indexed - instead the images will go online and the images indexed by various means dependant on the hosts presenting it. For example, FamilySearch, and FindmyPast are collaborating on a major crowdsourcing effort - essentially asking you and I to create the indexes via downloadable software at - whilst other vendors such as My Heritage will be creating its own access at


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